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Answering the hard questions, like ‘what sorority do you belong?’ in and ‘what campus eating option are you?’, while making you ask “What the hell?”

Shambler Quiz: Which Sorority Do You Belong In?

Sorority Recruitment can be hard, The Shambler is here to make it easy. In these simple, yet essential ten questions all of your recruitment anxieties and qualms will be laid to rest. Whether you’re a first year excited to join a sorority or a junior Greek woman curious of what you’d draw the second time through, see where you stand! 

The Quiz:

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Quiz: What GPA Did You Actually Deserve This Semester?

Whether you’ve been sobbing uncontrollably or rejoicing with Back Circle sand volleyball angels- grades are back and they’ve left their impact. But grades aren’t usually fair, you had so many fantastic points in Political Theory II and that pity B minus is sick and disgusting, so find the GPA that you should have gotten this semester with this comprehensive quiz:

Shambler Studies: What Campus Eating Option Are YOU?

Whether you consider yourself greasy, scalding hot, or overpriced, this one is for you: image

– Burris Jenkins