Greeks Grossly Promote Geometry, Higher Forms

It is time for the Shambler to come out of the darkness of our secret writing lab and improve our journalism. Namely, we want to get inside scoop and really get to know our students as opposed to drawing our broad opinions based on a few vague observations. That’s why we’re making this the first part of a one-part series about Transy student life.

The first concern we were told when interviewing students was about one of Transy’s most elitist cliques, the Pythagoreans, whose alleged elitism has really generated a discussion on the exclusivity of greek life. English major Margaret Dragon had this to say to the Shambler about the Transy’s most infamous inner circle.

“Yeah, I’ve personally never talk to the Pythagoreans in my life but I know for sure that they create ingroups and outgroups, you know? Just yesterday I followed them to their rooms and overheard them talking about sacred geometry. These greek societies keep wonderful, esoteric benefits like these to themselves and it just really bothers me, you know?”

We spoke to one of the Pythagoreans themselves, sister Kaelly Thomasse about the issue.

“Anybody who calls out our greek ways assuredly misunderstands our secret lives and the values we uphold that we learn during our secret ritual. Not that squares have any special significance to us. Or that we think squares are sacred. I’ve personally never made plans with groups of four people including myself on principle. J-j-just making sure you know!”

Our interviewers could easily tell that greek society at large was in a tizzy over the issue of cliques like that of the Pythagoreans. To investigate further, we interviewed an independent Greek shipping maven, Macedonus Holotopolis, on his thoughts about the Pythagoreans’ savage exclusivity and unsophisticated ideals.

“Man, I really wish I could know what those Pythagoreans are up to. They hold public banquets and host charity events for the Spartans, but I’ve never been to any! I have to disagree with their logic, though. Their belief in higher forms is problematic, because what I perceive is more important than the truer forms of geometry.”

What can the Shambler gather from all this? We’re not really sure. Stay tuned for our next interview series, where we interview the undead Spirits of Sandella’s.

-Richard Crossfield


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