Sodexo No Longer Accepting Bitcoins in the Caf

Whether you are looking for a grilled cheese or a fresh never frozen cheeseburger, the Caf has typically been very accommodating to diet restrictions and taste preferences. Among those accommodations have been payment plans. Sodexo offers many different combinations of meal swipes and dining dollars. For those not on meal plans, cash and credit have been traditional options. A survey of Sodexo cashiers in the past week has shown that they have successfully accepted Venmo, Cash App, Checks, Foreign Currency, UK Plus Accounts like most of Lexington, and Bitcoins as valid forms of payment.

“Figuring out how to make the Crimson Cash work instead of a normal meal swipe has been the easiest of the non-traditional payment methods,” reported an anonymous Late Night Caf employee.

However, the Shambler has learned of plans to eliminate Bitcoins from the long list of accepted payments methods.

Interim Sodexo General Manager, Mary Harvey, was asked about the new changes to Caf payment systems. “A lot of factors came into play with this decision. We realized that the Bitcoin conversion rate fluctuated too much day to day for the currency to be reasonable.” Meal swipes also did not match prices either. “One day Bitcoin swipes would equal $3, other days they would equal $1. Both conversions were too much value per swipe. We try to keep the value of a swipe to around 24 cents.”

No comment has been made about Bitcoins in the Raf. The Shambler has tried to discuss this matter with Raf representatives, but have not been able to find a time when the Raf was open.


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