12 Mascot Ideas That Also Make No Sense

Not to be outdone by UK’s recent blunderous athletics logo, Transy is taking a confusing crack at the mascot game. Luckily our two options don’t resemble bird intercourse, but many Pioneers (at least for now that’s what we’re called) are wondering “why?” Here are some other mascot ideas that make a little more sense.

  1. Transylvania Gender-Neutral, Trigger-Safe Vampires
  2. University of Louisville Ladies of the Night
  3. Transylvania Hyper Homosexual Bats
  4. Centre Robotic Vanilla Nether-Fiends
  5. The University of Kentucky Birdsex
  6. Alpha Omicron Pi Pandas
  7. Harvard Fierce Upper Class White Males
  8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Giant Freaking Nerds
  9. Transylvania Wowing Doges
  10. University of Alabama Crushing Confederates
  11. Beijing Institute of Technology Suffocating Smog
  12. Transylvania Prancin’ Ponies

Why? Would it not make more sense to stick to the humor and unique mark of Transylvania’s vampire spin? We want to see a bat  as our mascot, and we’re not alone. 
— Burris Jenkins



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