Campus Nihilist to Host “Nothing Matters to Me and Why” Lecture

Junior philosophy major Dave Bennett announced today via Tumblr that he will host the first in a new series of lectures, tentatively entitled “Nothing Matters to Me. Why Should It?”

“I always see these ‘What Matters to Me and Why’ talks being advertised around campus and I just want to scream,” Bennett said in the emotional post. “All the money that my parents pay for to go to this allegedly esteemed school and for what? People in relationships. What is love in the face of the void? People who study. Ha! That degree will do you a lot of good when you’re dead. There are people here who believe in God for the love of Christ!”

“It just upsets me how much emphasis people place on the thoughts and beliefs of others. I’m proud to say that I’ve never modeled myself after anyone except myself. And Nietzsche. And maybe Trent Reznor. It’s time to pull the wool away from your eyes, sheeple. Reject the aesthetic that society has forced upon you.”

Described by Bennett as a beacon of light and meaning in a world devoid of both, the talk will be held this Sunday night in Back Caf, in order to best simulate the soul-crushing emptiness of its subject matter.

– Abraham Drake


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