Pike Makes Nickelback Lip-Dub, Meets Chad Kroeger

LEXINGTON, KY. – Amidst the joy and celebration of last week’s Taylor Swift concert, a dark secret has the campus talking. Late Monday evening, a student was watching the famous Delta Sigma Phi lip dub video, when she scrolled down the related videos tab on the right side of the screen. What she found there has people in shock.

“I almost missed it to be honest. I was just about to close out my computer after by nightly viewing of the Sigs video,” said the student, who asked to have her name withheld, “when I saw what looked like Satchel Fowler wearing a top hat on one of the recommended videos. I clicked on it and it turned out to be a Pike lip dub video for Nickelback’s How U Remind Me, filmed just before the Sigs released their video.”

In a facebook message obtained by The Shambler, the anonymous student sent the video to her friend, and he sent it to two or three of his friends. Just hours after its initial discovery, the video went from 200 to 273 views. Unfortunately for the University, the story does not end there.

“Somehow Chad Kroeger saw the video after we put it out, and actually invited us to a show,” said one anonymous Pi Kappa Alpha president in an exclusive interview, “We actually got to go backstage and meet the band. We emailed The Rambler to tell them the exciting story, but that’s when things got weird. We got an email in response from Bob Brown, saying we could never tell anyone about the video or meeting Chad Kroeger. So we laid low, until now I guess.”

When reached for comment, Bob Brown said he was considering different punishments for the Pike chapter, but will probably just stick with the “classic option” of kicking them off campus for a little bit.
-Horace Holley


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