Carson Coming To The Commonwealth

Lexington, KY-

Exciting news is reaching the Bluegrass state this morning as Republican candidate Dr. Ben Carson announced a visit to Lexington early this morning. Many Kentuckians came together to usher in Carson, and their success has thrilled constituents throughout the Commonwealth. Transylvania University’s campus is preparing for what is expected to be a positively huge turnout in Haggin Auditorium on Sunday the 25th!fox-carson

After polls showed a slip in favor of Democrat Hillary Clinton, who visited
Transylvania the previous year, Carson’s campaign manager strongly advised him to make an appearance and speak in the largely college student populated central Kentucky foothold to share his wacked out views.

Lexington, a thriving wellspring of conservatives in the state, has seen liberal advances as well as spikes in popularity with Republican candidate Donald Trump. Carson prepares to deliver a passionate impression upon Kentucky, and has to do so to capture the guts, not brains, of millions of ignorant KY voters. With his outright upsetting stances on anti-vaccination, LBGT rights, denial of evolution, gun control, and racial issues, the neurosurgeon is guaranteed to nab countless votes during his visit.

All considerations and event planning for Ben “The GOP’s Scariest Candidate” Carson have been made possible by The Young Democrats of America and their members in the local Fayette County area. The Shambler will report on further details on the candidate’s visit as they break.

— Burris “Feel the Bern” Jenkins


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