The Shambler Tracks Down the Culprit of the Forrer Flooding


Last year, the Shambler reported on the case of a dangerous creature living within the walls of the former fraternity dorm, Davis Hall. It was in the early hours of the morning, on 3rd Davis, that a student in the restroom was almost petrified when a colossal snake beast, identified as a Basilisk by the biology department, burst forth from the plumbing system.

After escaping out into what was once Back Circle, the nationally ranked Transylvania Quidditch Team was dispatched to track it down, with golf cart assistance from the Department of Public Safety. After this point, there was no further activity in the Basilisk case. Until now.

Recently, DPS has been investigating a case of flooding on the second front hall of the Forrer dorm building. In an official statement, the Department of Public Safety told the Shambler that they had discovered paper towels clogging several of the sinks on the hall, causing a flood of several inches of water that damaged a few of the rooms.

While DPS is currently searching for a student culprit, the Shambler has been informed about what really happened. According to senior Clark Murray, who patrols Transylvania’s campus in a Batman costume, searching for crime, the Basilisk was spotted briefly, stuffing paper towels into the sinks. When Murray approached the creature, it escaped into the plumbing of Forrer once again.

Why exactly the Basilisk would sabotage the sinks rather than eating, petrifying, or doin anything that monsters would usually do is unclear. However, such guerilla tactics are clearly meant as revenge on the school that tore down its former lair of evil known as Davis Hall.

The Quidditch team has once again been dispatched, and they advise students to steer clear of all sinks. They also warn that the creature may be a horcrux for the dark wizard known as Jefferson Davis himself.

The Shambler will report more as details arise.

–Reuben Cave


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