Campus Shares Excitement for Inauguration Ceremony

LEXINGTON, KY – A buzz has taken over campus this week as the University gears up for the inauguration of Dr. Seamus Carey as Transylvania’s 26th President. The Ceremony will be held at 10 AM Friday, with activities planned throughout the week to celebrate the historic occasion. In the spirit of the season, The Shambler emerged from its dark, decrepit office under Rafskeller’s tomb to gauge the excitement from the campus community by talking to students, faculty, and staff.

“Yeah I’m really excited for Friday. The weather looks pretty good and there’s no class. I get to sleep in. Wait, what’s an inauguration?” – Francis Marshall, Sophomore Exercise Science Major

“We’ll be streaming the inauguration in the Raf live! Come watch it with us!” – Beth Tuttle, Chicken Tender extraordinaire

“I love inauguration ceremonies! All the pomp and fanfare. It seems like just yesterday we were inaugurating President Williams.” – Dr. Maxwell Smithersteen, Neuroscience Department

“First snow days, now classes cancelled because of a stupid inauguration? I don’t pay $40,000 in tuition to sit around at home and twiddle my fingers! I’m outraged!” – Linda McCallister, Junior Chemistry Major

“Get away from me. Why do you have a microphone? Why are you wearing a mask?” – Bruce Dexter, Caf Omelet Guy

Clearly, the campus could not be more excited for Friday’s festivities. If you see Dr. Carey around, give him a high five or a pat on the back from us at The Shambler.

-Horace Holley


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