Anti-Hazing Week Finally Over, Campus Rejoices

Today is one to celebrate for many Greek members campus wide, as hazing is now back to being both acceptable and honestly just a total blast. After a full week of being not only put off, but outright thwarted by badges, banners, and tables raising awareness for hazing around campus, upperclassmen are ready to wreck havoc. Welcome to Hell Week, pledges.

Fraternity and sorority members aren’t the only ones overjoyed to have anti-hazing week behind them, as a number of clubs and teams are also preparing to haze the living hell out of their new members. Rumors indicate that the Transylvania Environmental Action League anticipates blanketing the entire floor of their freshmen’s Forrer rooms with potting soil, the Chess Club gears up to inflict their fresh meat with excessive amounts of drinking, and Transy Bikes looks to enforce bike shorts all week for their new cyclists. This week is going to be rough for some Transy students, but new organization members fully understand that hazing is truly the best and arguably only way to build individuals of character.

Perhaps the worst and most brutal practice of all, the Rambler is forcing their new staff to write for them for the rest of the year.

– Burris Jenkins


3 thoughts on “Anti-Hazing Week Finally Over, Campus Rejoices”

  1. I disagree with you. How is hazing the best way, let alone the “only way” to build individuals of character? How is forcing an individual to perform humiliating activities a way of personal growth? It brings nothing but negative and tragic consequences. It is so sad to see that people have this perception and enjoy placing individuals in a place of hell. There are many other alternatives to building character, and hazing is definitely NOT one of them. #STOPTHEPHAZE


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