Upperclassman Faces Disciplinary Charges After Waving At First-year

     A disciplinary hearing has been scheduled for an upperclassman accused of interacting with a first-year who was crossing Broadway early Wednesday afternoon.

    Junior Anthony Maynard allegedly braked at the  crosswalk separating the residential and academic sides of campus in order to allow first-year Allie Campbell to cross. According to some of Campbell’s classmates who witnessed the event, Maynard smiled, nodded, and waved at first-year as she made their way across the street.

    “It was honestly terrifying. I’m used to dealing with the drivers on Broadway, but there was something off about this guy,” said Campbell of the incident.  

    Her fears were confirmed as the man drove away, allowing her to see his parking sticker from the 2014-2015 school year. An understandably shaken Campbell immediately rushed to report the scene to DPS who notified the Dean of Students’ office.

    A spokesperson for the August Term program had the following to say: “This case is being taken very seriously. We feel that the only way for our first-year students to be properly acclimated to college life is to be completely isolated from most aspects of it. For this reason, the program strives to create a sense of us-against-them mentality amongst the first-year class with regards to the rest of campus.  We hadn’t even planned on letting them know that other students existed until September. This obviously puts a major damper on the surprise factor.”

    Maynard has thus far refused to comment. He is scheduled to appear before a special session of the Transylvania judicial board next Friday. The hearing is to occur off campus, far from any first-year activities.
-Abraham Drake


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