6 Awful Things Happening in Clay & Davis Right Now

Wow Davis, you really let yourself go!

The all-out obliteration of the dormitories as old as your freakin’ dad are only a month away, and in the final voyage of ye ol’ Clay & Davis everything has gone to shit. Seemingly every day, a new and unbearable thing is added upon the heap of straight up terrible conditions in the ruins of the residence halls. One 2nd Clay resident had to add “It’s bad, like Hazelrigg bad” of the current living conditions.

There are at least 73 outrageous things going down in Clay & Davis as we speak, so we narrowed it down to the 6 most severe issues:

1) It’s one big oven

Do your homework at a toasty 150F

2) Shower water imported directly from Antarctica

giphy (1)

3) Mysterious sulfuric smells

giphy (2)

4) The walls ooze green slime

But wait, they always do that

5) There is a wild puma in room 115

giphy (3)

6) Maintenance accidentally sawed your bed in half while trying to fix the A/C

giphy (4)

What’s next? Swarms of bees? Reincarnation of Josef Stalin? Let’s hope to building keeps standing for the rest of May term.


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