Campus Celebrates as Transy Extends Sodexo Contract

LEXINGTON, KY – Transylvania University has announced a 5 year extension to their partnership with Sodexo, the campus food-service provider. As part of the announcement, Transy community members expressed their satisfaction with the efficiency and quality of Sodexo.ão-Aliementação

“Our water bills have never been lower than with Sodexo.” A campus executive said, “It seems like they use no more than three drops of water to wash every plate, bowl, and spoon. Not only does that save money, but it’s good for the environment. And forget about heat, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a plate come out of that kitchen completely dry. Overall, their energy efficiency was too good to pass up.”

“I’m really glad Sodexo will be returning,” one student said, “and I’m looking forward to the same rotation of Yankee Pot Roast, Pork Chops, and Chicken Breast for every meal. Oh, and Chex cereal every day. It’s really the consistency of the Caf that I love.”

As part of the contract, Sodexo announced many additions to the menus of all campus eateries. Jazzman’s will be introducing black licorice and jalapeno scones, as well as a 200% increase in smooth jazz. In the Rafskeller, SubConnection will be serving all new “SlimSubs”, traditional sandwiches served without meat, cheese, or vegetables, and World of Wings will start serving wings. As for Sandella’s Cafe, the changes will include a brand new on campus delivery service to any room equipped with a microwave capable of cooking gourmet flatbreads.

It’s safe to say that Transy students can look forward to another five years of gourmet dining with Sodexo.

-Horace Holley


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