Forrer Courtyard Fountain to Include Laser Show

LEXINGTON, KY. – Campus pedestrians over the past week are likely to have noticed recent renovations to the fountain in the courtyard of Forrer Hall. Honoring a nearly annual tradition, the university has taken the task of once again reimagining the Forrer courtyard, and newly released blueprints include one key feature: lasers.

images (1)

The full-scale fountain laser show is expected to complete construction within the month, and will include strobe lights every night after 6 p.m., fountains that shoot water approximately 300 yards high, and a soundtrack comprised of mostly Dragonforce and AC/DC. There are rumors of a fog machine to be included in the final design, but campus planners declined to comment.

“We have a very adaptable space in the Forrer courtyard that for years has gone underutilized,” Marc Matthews said in a recent statement, “We’ve tried different things in the past that never really took off. Mostly, they were mundane changes, a bench here, or a bush there. We even talked about putting in more doors. But now, I’m thinking it’s time to make a radical change. And what gets people more excited than lasers?”

When asked the final cost of the renovations, Matthews estimated the total to be around $130,000. In a post-press conference official statement, the university also announced the complete discontinuation of the Political Science department for a lack of funding.

-Horace Holley


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