Transy Releases Updated May Term Course Offerings

LEXINGTON, KY. – In a recent press release, the registrar’s office announced multiple last minute course offerings for this coming May Term. The Shambler has considered these recent offerings for their academic merit and adherence to the values of the liberal arts. Our recommendations are as follows:


PS-2078-01 The Politics of Corruption: The Underwood Problem, Dr. Cairo
A case study of the world of political corruption through the life and crimes of Frank and Claire Underwood. This class is very discussion heavy, and requires a prerequisite Netflix account. It is sure to leave you considering your world much more carefully and suspicious of all authority figures around you.

PHIL-1001-01 Structuring Dreamspace and Meditation Practicum, Dr. Manning
An exploration into the inner mind, this class will use naps to interpret the significance of dreams. The class will meet in Back Circle every morning, or afternoon, or whenever you want really. Or don’t show up. It’s all good.

IDS-4005-01 Medieval Conquest and Siege, Dr. Russell
This class will seek to understand the strategies and tactics of medieval warfare through live action roleplaying. Students will be expecting to construct their own armor and weapons, as well as a backstory and ancestry for own noble knight. They will then wage total war on each other until an excessive number of booboos or scraped knees is reached.

WRC-2054-06 Scholastic Interpretations of Summer Hits of the Late 1990’s, Prof. Deaton
A consideration of the most foundational period in American pop culture. This class will let the good times roll, kick back with a couple of Capri Suns, and jam out with a carefully structured Socratic discussion of the various implications of the summer hits of the 2000’s. Prerequisites include frosted tips, puka shell necklaces, and denim jackets.

-Horace Holley


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