10 Things That You’ll Actually Do On Reading Day

Study? Yeah, right.
You haven’t honestly been productive all semester, so why start now?

Never mind that 15-pager that you literally just started, or those 5 chapters of Biology that you need to actually read,  here’s what you’ll really be up to on reading day:

1) Accidentally sit in the Caf for like 2 hours:

2) Fall asleep the second you open your Western Traditions book:

3) Throw a bomb-ass rager in Raf’s Tomb (Circa 1996):

Tomb Party 1996

4) Drop every single binder and paper from the semester while hurrying across Broadway:

5) Get caught talking shit about Fast 7 in Jazzman’s by Vin Diesel

6) Decimate the British Coast with Dean LoMonaco’s goat, Jonas


7) Get involved in a land war with Asia:

8) Mysteriously switch bodies with your mom as a lesson:


9) Single-handedly topple the government of Ecuador:

10) Make it through this list without TUWIFI disconnecting

Good luck out there.

-Burris Jenkins


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