Radio TLX Server Crashes After Record 3 Listeners Tune In

It was tragically reported that during junior Kyle Baxter’s “Steely Dan & Skrillex Deep Cuts” radio show, the Clayvis studio suddenly fell silent.

While online radio and streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, and Tidal typically make TLX nearly obsolete, Transylvania’s head of IT stated that a massive spike in listeners caused the radio show’s Windows 1995-based server to crash, puff some smoke, and become damaged beyond repair.

Baxter told us at the Shambler “I don’t know what happened, I had just 2 listeners as I was tuned in through my own computer and my iPhone, and then something weird happened.” he explained “Out of nowhere, my freaking great-aunt Charlene tuned in, and the server box behind me sounded like Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites!” – Baxter proceeded to talk about how virtuosic Skrillex is for at least twenty minutes.

He admitted that no one had consistently held more than 3 listeners since 2002, when the bassist from Linkin Park allegedly stopped by the studio.

No word on when the server will be replaced, but the university has decided to convert the studio into a third weightlifting room for the time being.

-Burris Jenkins


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