Attendance Spikes After Healthy Diet Seminars Offer Cheesestix

LEXINGTON, KY. – In an initiative to inform the campus on tips for healthy eating, the Beck Center has been sponsoring a series of lectures regarding balanced diets over this past semester. Until recently, attendance was relatively low.


“We typically had between 0 and 3 students showing up. Usually 0.,” one of the organizers commented, “That was until we had a great idea. We started thinking about what gets college kids to show up for stuff, and the overwhelming response was free food. So we started offering free Mad Mushroom Cheesestix at all of our talks. Since then, we’ve probably pulled in around 250-300 students at each lecture. It’s just exciting that the campus is finally enthusiastic about living healthy.”

When asked about her thoughts on the lecture, one student had this to say:

“Yeah, I really don’t know what was happening. Someone was talking about something, I think. But the cheesestix were awesome!”

-Horace Holley


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