Transy Reveals “100 Doors Through Forrer” Program

LEXINGTON, KY – In a press conference Friday afternoon, Transylvania President Seamus Carey announced a new campus initiative : 100 Doors Through Forrer. The strategic plan is dedicated to making a more close-knit and diverse campus.


“I feel like we’ve seen a lot of success with the doors we already have in place in Forrer,” Carey said to the media, “Right now we have about seven doors to get through, which make the average commute through Forrer take around 15 minutes. At each one, there is an opportunity to hold the door open for someone that isn’t quite far enough behind that you can just leave, but just far enough away that they have to jog to catch up with you. If we make enough of those, I think we can see some real progress in building a closer community. So I want to literally put 100 doors in Forrer.”

When asked how it would help make the campus more diverse, Carey responded saying, “Well, the doors will be diverse. There will be double doors, revolving doors, screen doors, a Doors cover band, doggy doors. You name it, we’ll door it.”

The doors are expected to go in place during the upcoming finals week.


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