Basilisk Erupts From Wall in 3rd Davis Bathroom, Petrifies Helpless Resident


Early this morning, both Transylvania maintenance staff and the campus’ Department of Public Safety were called into Davis Hall to deal with an unexpected issue. According to eyewitness reports, the bathroom of the third floor was the site of a full-fledged Basilisk attack.

“Yeah, I was just showering,” recounted one resident, “listening to this really cool local alternative band called.. Uh, well I can’t remember what they were called, but their style is like a mixture of Run DMC and Creed, they’re pretty great. Anyway, I was showering and then I heard this sound, and come to find out it was a huge Basilisk”.

The monstrous reptile erupted from the plumbing in the sink area of the bathroom, and then made its way into the toilet area. “As far as we can tell,” said one of the DPS officers called to the scene, “it made its way under the door of a stall and turned a student to stone. They couldn’t get out of the stall in time”.

The Department of Public Safety has not yet released the name of the student that was petrified, though they have confirmed that the beast is still on the loose. Many students have since come forth, admitting to hearing strange sounds within the walls of Davis for months. “We had all just assumed it was a bunch of the normal everyday things that live in the walls of Davis, like spiders, bats, or ghosts,” said another student, “but apparently it was a reptilian personification of ultimate evil”.

The Shambler has learned that the Quidditch Team has dispatched a team of experts to track the creature. Updates will be posted as soon as developments occur.

–Reuben Cave


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