Former Art History Student Comments on Greco-Roman Architecture

LEXINGTON, KY – In a recent conversation with a Transy alumna, Virginia Holt recalled a study abroad trip she took in her time as a student. Holt, who was a art history major in her time at Transylvania, recalled her trip to Greece and Rome during her winter semester in the year 1999.


“It was an amazing experience,” Holt said, “but I noticed a constant trend. I had never really noticed it in the countless pictures of Rome and Athens, but Greco-Roman architecture seems to have pulled a lot of influence from the Antebellum period in America – particularly the rural south. I was kind of offended by connotations, and wish the architects could have been more politically correct in their designs.”

Holt was drafting a complaint to the citizens of Greece and Rome for their offensive architecture during our conversation.

-Horace Holley


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