FAT Lab Still Body Conscious After Name Change

LEXINGTON,KY – Despite efforts to identify as the “Big-Boned” Lab or the “Heavy-Set” Lab, the Fine Arts Technology Lab admits that it is still extremely body conscious. The FAT Lab, where music technology students spend hours every day, wishes that there were different body image standards for labs in modern culture.


“I just feel like modern media has put such a heavy emphasis on labs to be sleek and beautiful with all kinds of shiny toys,” FAT Lab said in a recent interview, “And everyday labs like myself will never be able to meet these standards of beauty.”

The FAT Lab also admits that it is tough to lose weight when it is built right next to the Rafskeller.

“Every day I tell myself, ‘I am going to get a sandwich today’, but I always end up getting chicken fingers. I can’t help it, that honey mustard is just too good.”

– Horace Holley


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